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Bathroom Remodel Cost

Whether you’re chasing a basic bathroom reno on budget or dreaming of the full luxury makeover, MoneyMe home improvement loans are a great way to fund your bathroom remodel cost - without paying anything up front. 

We offer unsecured personal loans of between $2,100 - $50,000 for loan terms of up to five years. You can apply online - or using the MoneyMe app on a mobile device - in a matter of minutes and receive a response immediately. Depending on who you bank with, your new bathroom cost funds will be in your bank account and ready to use the same day. 

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to creating a bathroom remodel cost budget. A bathroom remodel design which involves changing the layout or size of your bathroom space - essentially anything structural which involves moving or adding plumbing and electrical - will cost more, given the need for professional labour to ensure waterproofing and wiring are performed to Australian building authority safety standards. 

Style choices which include premium materials, e.g. porcelain tiling or a floating vanity, can also quickly drive up your bathroom refit cost, but making savvy design choices like only tiling the floor and a feature wall or wet areas such as around the basin can help you achieve the same luxury look. 

If you’re working with a small budget, you can minimise your bathroom remodel cost by engaging in some good old DIY. Simple changes like new paint on the cabinetry and walls, replacing old tapware with new fittings and indulging in some luxury accessories are a great way to refresh your bathroom without breaking the bank. 

To learn more about how one of our personal home improvement loans can help make your home renovation project a reality, check out the MoneyMe DVine Living page. Hosted by Dale Vine (of ‘The Block’ fame), DVine Living is a brand new home renovation show designed to teach you the best DIY tricks and get the most out of your bathroom renovation cost. Each episode features big and small renovation projects - from backyard paving and carport building to bathroom and kitchen upgrades, so be sure to tune in!

1. What is the best way to finance a bathroom remodel?

A MoneyMe home improvement loan is a great way to finance your bathroom remodel cost. 

Our loans are only offered with a fixed interest rate, which means you’ll know exactly how much your repayments will be for the full duration of your loan term. Our customers find this a huge help when considering their home renovation budget in the greater context of long term financial planning.

Our online loan calculator is a great tool to help you budget. Whether you’re only seeking funds to cover your bathroom installation cost or are also considering including other home improvements like a kitchen renovation costpatio cost or verandah cost, our loan calculator will let you compare a variety of loan amounts over different periods of time. 

To be eligible to apply for a MoneyMe personal loan, you’ll need to be at least 18 years of age and an Australian citizen or resident for tax purposes. We’ll ask you about how much you’d like us to lend you for your bathroom remodel cost and over how long. Once we know that, you’ll need to tell us about your employment and income, daily expenditure, and any liabilities, savings, and assets.

We’ll also run a quick check of your credit history. It‘s worth noting that credit reporting has changed - and we reckon it’s definitely for the better. The new method reflects all your positive credit behaviours, like consistent positive repayments, and not just your debts and defaults. This gives us an accurate picture of your current borrowing capacity and makes the loan assessment process much fairer. 

Alternatively, you may consider covering your renovation costs with a credit card or line of credit. The MoneyMe Freestyle virtual Mastercard © offers credit of up to $20,000 to approved applicants. Accessed exclusively via your smartphone, you can use the card both online and in-store via Tap n Pay or even transfer funds straight to your bank account. 

It’s worth remembering that credit cards have a higher interest rate than personal loans. Still, if you’re able to make the full repayments within the 55-day interest-free purchase period, they can be one of the handiest tools in your home renovation toolbox.

2. How is the loan amount calculated?

MoneyMe believes in responsible lending. We consider each loan request individually and utilise the latest lending technology to ensure our assessments are equitable and transparent. 

When you apply with us, we take into account any current liabilities such as any other existing debts such as other loans or credit cards, your daily expenses, and your income and employment history. This information, combined with your credit history, is how we determine how much you can borrow and at what interest rate. We want to make sure you don’t experience financial duress by borrowing more than you can comfortably afford to pay back over your loan term.   

With a MoneyMe personal loan, you could have your bathroom remodel cost covered within a matter of minutes - without paying anything upfront. View the range of mini-webisodes from the TV show DVline Living with Dale Vine to learn more on how a MoneyMe low rate personal loan could be the solution for your next home project, then hop online and apply today!

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Bathroom Remodel Cost

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*This comparison rate is based on an unsecured personal loan of $30,000 for a term of 5 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. A $495 establishment fee and $10 monthly fee applies.

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