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Self-Employed Car Loan

Are you a business owner or maybe a sales rep or freelancer who is looking for a self-employed car loan that will help you drive brand-new or used vehicles? If you are self-employed, navigating the world of car loans can seem like a daunting task.

You may think that because you don’t have a regular nine-to-five job, you won’t qualify for a loan – but that’s not necessarily the case. Standard car loans typically require permanent employment and a steady income stream, thus making it difficult for self-employed individuals to get approved. However, there are lenders out there who specialise in offering car finance options to self-employed people like you.

Getting self-employed car finance in Australia is not only possible but also simpler and easier with MONEYME. The lending solutions at MONEYME are designed to get you on the road as quickly and easily as possible, without any of the hassles that come with traditional car loans. With our self-employed car loan offerings, we can help finance a new vehicle or give you a great deal on an existing car that’s valued between $5,000 and $50,000. If you already have a car in mind, you can use our auto car finance loan calculator to get an estimate of your repayments.

How does a self-employed car loan work?

A self-employed car loan is a type of financing that is designed specifically for individuals who are self-employed or work on a contract basis. Unlike traditional loans, which typically require proof of steady employment and income, a self-employed car loan uses alternative metrics such as business revenue and credit history to determine an applicant’s eligibility.

To buy a car on finance, an individual must provide documentation such as past invoices or tax returns that demonstrate their income and ability to repay the loan. Additionally, lenders will consider other factors like credit score and overall financial health to determine the borrower’s eligibility and interest rates. Overall, a self-employed car loan is an attractive option for those who value flexibility and convenience in the borrowing process.

What are the benefits of a self-employed car loan?

With MONEYME, your options for securing a self-employed car loan are flexible, affordable, and convenient. Our streamlined application process means that you can get approved fast and easily without having to jump through hoops or meet complicated eligibility requirements. Being self-employed won’t be a barrier to getting the loan you need – we’ve got your back!

Here are just a few of the other benefits that come with choosing MONEYME for your self-employed car loan:

  • Borrow up to 100% of your car’s value. One of the biggest benefits of a self-employed car loan with MONEYME is that you can finance your vehicle up to its full value. This means that you won’t have to come out of pocket with a large down payment and can instead use your money to cover other expenses related to your new car purchase.
  • Competitive interest rates. MONEYME ensures that you get the best rates available. We offer low interest rates on self-employed car loans and other auto financing deals, helping you save money in the long run.
  • Quick approval. When applying for a traditional car finance deals, you typically have to go through an extensive approval process that can take several weeks or even months. However, a self-employed car loan with MONEYME can be approved in as little as 60 minutes, meaning you can get behind the wheel of your new car much sooner.
  • Set your own terms. Perhaps the best thing about a self-employed car loan is that you have complete control over the terms of your agreement. You can work with MONEYME to create a repayment schedule that works around both your budget and your obligations, giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters.

How to apply for a car loan when self-employed?

The first and foremost thing to do when applying for a self-employed car loan is to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. In particular, lenders will typically require proof of your income and financial health in the form of past tax returns or business revenue statements.

Some lenders require three years’ worth of financial statements, which can be difficult to produce if your business is new or fluctuating. But at MONEYME, we understand your situation and are here to help. Our team has extensive experience in finding the best new car financing deals for the self-employed, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

Other important factors that will influence your eligibility include your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and overall credit history. Focus on ensuring that your credit score and financial situation are as strong as possible to maximise your chances of approval.

When you’re ready to apply for a car loan, you can visit the MONEYME website or app to get started. Simply fill out our quick and easy online application form with the required details, and you could be approved in as little as 60 minutes. 

Applying for a self-employed car loan has never been easier, so why wait any longer? Get started today and drive away in the car of your dreams.

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Self-Employed Car Loan

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Won’t impact your credit score!
Won't impact your credit score!

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