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Do you live along the beautiful Sunshine Coast and surrounding suburbs? Are you looking for access to fast cash loans Sunshine Coast? MoneyMe is Australia’s wholly online lender specialising in fast and intuitive online applications for both instant loans and our Freestyle revolving credit line. We offer quick and hassle-free finance solutions for residents throughout your area including Noosa, Caloundra and Mooloolaba.

What documents do you need to get cash loans in Sunshine Coast?

MoneyMe has created a fast and intuitive low doc personal loan application process that takes you just minutes to complete and submit when you apply online via our website. To qualify for our same day loans, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, currently employed and a permanent Australian resident. When it comes to uploading documentation, you don’t need to. We’ll ask you for some standard identification like your driver’s licence or your passport and your Medicare card. That’s it.

Our online application process is designed to quick and easy, using tech-savvy solutions that mean you save time and frustration. We ask you to provide your income details, your living expenses and any other debts that you currently have. At the end of our online form, you’ll be asked to input your online banking details. This gives your personal loan broker a 90-day statement from your bank account in PDF format (read-only). We don’t get access to your account and your details are securely managed using illion’s bank-level encryption software. Using this statement, we verify your salary and your living expenses instantly and then return a loan offer based on what we believe you can comfortably afford.

Your loan offer will clearly show the loan term, the loan balance and the interest charged as well as other fees and charges like general establishment fees. It will also list what your monthly repayment amount is and how many repayments you need to make. 

If you’re not sure how much you can comfortably borrow at the moment, then consider using a personal loan repayment calculator before you apply. These quick and easy online tools are a great way to see what an indicative monthly repayment might be before you are approved for your new express loan and how those repayments are likely to affect your current cash flow. Draw up a quick living budget which includes things like your rent or your mortgage commitments, your general living expenses and whatever bills you currently pay like utility bills, credit card bills and other debts. Factor in your indicative monthly repayment to check whether a new quick cash loan from MoneyMe is the right option for you at the moment. We’re a responsible money lender so we only offer credit to customers we believe can comfortably manage a new quick loan from us.

For anyone looking for a personal loan for debt consolidation, using a repayment calculator can show you just how much easier it is to pay a single creditor rather than multiple ones. Getting a personal loan to pay off credit card balances and other small debts can be a way to save on interest and tidy up your personal finances in one fell swoop.

How much can you borrow with cash loans?

Personal loans from MoneyMe are available for between $2,100 and $50,000, all online. You can get some easy finance to help you with study costs and tuition fees, get a new car or pay off expensive bills like medical costs. A fixed rate personal loan gives you a lump sum cash amount that is transferred directly into your account for you to disperse as you need to. There is no personal load redraw facility available, however, so if you need ongoing access to fast cash then this might not be the ideal credit product for you.

Our Freestyle online credit card, however, is a revolving line of credit. Credit limits for the Freestyle Mastercard are available for between $1,000 and $20,000. Like any other credit card, Freestyle offers you access to instant funds when you need them. As you repay your credit balance, those funds become usable again on an ongoing basis. You can use your Freestyle account to cover things like your everyday expenses including fuel, groceries and your general bills, or you can use your credit card for special occasions and emergency spending like covering costly mechanical bills or for booking upcoming holidays. 

Rather than another piece of plastic that you could be waiting for weeks to arrive in the mail, the Freestyle virtual Mastercard® that lives in your smartphone instead. This means that when you’re approved for a Freestyle account, your funds are instantly made available. You can use Freestyle in-store wherever Tap n Pay is accepted or for online shopping. You can even transfer cash amounts to your own or another bank account. Be sure to check interest rates and fees for cash transfers ahead of time. Everything you need to know about fees and charges for any of our easy loans and credit products will be included in your online contract and available to view on our website.

How do cash loans in Sunshine Coast work?


MoneyMe loans online are offered at a fixed rate of interest and repaid over a set loan term with regular monthly direct debits. If you’re in a great financial place and want to close out your loan balance early, then you can do so at any time. We don’t charge our customers early termination fees so you can save a bit of money on fast cash loans Sunshine Coast and chop down your interest fees.

Want to know how much you could be approved for? Apply online now for cash loans Sunshine Coast. Applications take you just minutes and approvals are fast!

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