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Winner of Canstar's Innovation Excellence Award 2022*

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10.58 %

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Disclaimer: This calculator provides an estimate only and a comparison rate based on the example information provided. Other fees, costs and charges are not included. This calculation is not an offer for credit. The amount you can borrow may vary once you complete a loan application and all the details relevant to our lending criteria are captured and verified. The interest rate for this product is variable and subject to change. Any calculations made by you using this calculator is intended as a guide only.

Extra Cash up to $50,000

Looking for a fast approval on some extra cash? MoneyMe is an online money lender who has designed a fast low doc personal loan application process and online approvals. Completing your application for our range of personal loans and or our Freestyle virtual Mastercard® takes just 5 minutes to complete and submit. There is no lengthy paperwork to fill out and no annoying phone conversations. Just quick, smart online applications and same day cash loans.

How can we offer our customers the extra cash they need so fast? Because we’re the Next Gen credit provider. We offer quick loans because we know that that’s what our customers want. You don’t want to spend days waiting to hear back about your latest application. You want to know whether you can borrow money for a new car or if your application for a Freestyle account has been approved so you can get on with living your life. 

As a wholly online lender in Australia, we don’t have a physical office address. We don’t need the overheads. We’re committed to ensuring that we offer our customers the best variable rate personal loans at the most competitive interest rates available because we know that that’s what you really want: instant loans and no hassle. We also keep our fees and charges low like not charging customers an early exit fee when they choose to close their loans online out early. This makes it easier to refinance a personal loan and stay ahead of your finances.

Looking for low credit score personal loans? MoneyMe is a responsible lender who believes in tailoring credit products like same day loans to individual customers. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and the result can be a less than perfect credit rating. When you apply for any of our loan products, including our online credit card option, we take into account everything you would expect a responsible lender to look at, plus we assign you a special internal credit rating just for us. This means that if you aren’t approved for the extra cash you were hoping for, you might be able to take out one of our small loans instead and prove how reliable you are as a credit customer. If your short term loan is repaid promptly – remember, there are no early payout fees! – then we can review your internal credit file with us and its updated status. Slowly building trust with us in this way could help you in future applications for long term loans.

How to get extra cash online?

We offer express loans from $5000 to $50000 or our Freestyle virtual credit card for pre-approved balances of up to $20000. If you’re not sure what the best loan amount is for you then before you get started on an application for quick cash loans at MoneyMe, consider taking a quick look at our personal loan repayment calculator. This tool is designed to help potential applicants get an indicative look at how a $20000 personal loan or a $5000 personal loan could affect your current living expenses before you put an application in. You can adjust things like the interest rate charged, the total loan amount and the loan term you are ideally looking for. 

Once you’ve filled in the calculator, it will return information like a likely repayment amount you can expect to pay. You can easily compare this with your current living expenses to get a general idea about how your monthly cash flow is could be impacted by a new loan with us and compare any existing debt commitments you currently have to choose the best option for you. It may even be worth considering a personal loan for debt consolidation so you can tidy up your loose financial ends and pay out a single credit provider rather than multiple providers. 

Play with inputs like your desired loan term to work out the best loan term that works for you. Shorter loan terms will mean that you pay less in cumulative interest throughout the loan, but it will mean that your monthly repayments will be higher than if you took the same day cash loan over a longer period. 

You may find that a revolving line of credit makes more sense for your current situation than a credit card. Our Freestyle Virtual Mastercard® is available to eligible customers for balances between $1,000 and $20,000. Unlike our fast cash loans paid in a lump sum directly into your bank account, our virtual credit card offers you pre-approved access for credit funds up to your total limit, whenever you need them. As you repay your credit funds, they automatically become available for you to draw on again. 

This a great option for people who need regular access to additional funds they can choose to either repay in full once their pay cycle rolls around again, or they can repay their drawn down credit in easy monthly instalments. Book a magic weekend away at the last minute or enjoy the peace of mind that there’s a little extra cash available for emergency spending like urgent car repairs, last-minute flights or for helping out general expenses between pay cycles. The Freestyle account comes with 55 days interest free on purchases made which means when you repay your credit funds within this period, you are essentially using an interest free credit card.

To be eligible to apply for any of our credit products you must be at least 18 years old, a resident in Australia and currently employed. We don’t need endless reams of paperwork proving any of this. We use the power of the internet to verify our applicants’ details and income status. At the time of your application, you will be asked to provide your online banking details. This is securely managed using illion’s bank level encryption software and no one – not us and not illion – record or have access to your login data. Providing this access gives your personal loan broker at MoneyMe instant access to a PDF format statement of the last 90 days of bank transactions in your account. We use this to immediately verify your application data and send you a fast approval for your new loan with us.

How to invest extra cash?

Are you looking for ways to use your new funds from MoneyMe? You can apply for a personal loan to buy shares and invest your credit funds in a new income venture. You could get a loan to help you clean up your current debts and straighten out your finances. Whatever you need money for, we can help.

Whenever you need extra cash fast, think of MoneyMe first. We offer applicants a fast and stress-free online application form that you can complete in just 5 minutes. Online approvals are fast, and we don’t need to call your employer to check up on you. It’s just quick, effortless and easy finance from the online lender who knows what you need and gets it to you fast. Approved applicants who return their digital loan contracts once approved often receive their new funds the same day they applied for them when they submit an application within business hours. 

Apply online right now to see how much you can borrow.

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simple pricing

Interest rate

9.20 %
to 25.20 %

Comparison rate*

10.58 %
to 26.58 %

Establishment fee
(Direct applications)

$395 for loans between $5,000 and $15,000

$495 for loans between $15,001 and $50,000

Monthly fee


Loan terms

Minimum 3 years

Maximum 5 years

Early exit fees


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