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Experience a faster and easier way to access same day cash. With MoneyMe’s entirely online process, you get the fast money you need in as little as 3 minutes – from the moment you start your application up to getting your funds. No paperwork, no phone calls and no several days of waiting. Just a quick cash loan delivered to you right when you need it.

Here at MoneyMe, we’re all about making things easier for you. We understand this generation’s fast-paced lifestyle and desire for quick services and convenient solutions, that’s why we’ve built a loan management platform to fulfil this growing demand. With our advanced proprietary technology that assesses thousands of data points in real-time, you get a fast same day cash loan decision that is tailored to you and your personal circumstances. We believe in responsible lending, so we make sure that we are only offering you an easy loan rate that you can comfortably repay. We also align your repayments with your current pay cycle, so you don’t have to worry about late fees and charges!

Eligibility requirements

You have to be a permanent resident of Australia, at least 18 years old and currently employed to be eligible to apply for a personal loan. If you’ve put a big check on all these requirements, then you’re just a few taps and clicks away from your same day cash!

We’ve got you covered

If you’re after a prospective lender with an Australian Credit License who offers same day cash loans at a variable interest rate, you don’t have to look any further. MoneyMe offers unsecured small loans and fast cash loans if you’re considering some refinance options or simply looking for quick access to extra cash for managing bills and debts. We also provide fast loans if you need easy money for immediate home repairs or renovations, as well as bond loans to help you pay for rental fees upfront.

MoneyMe is also here for your key life moments. Whether you are off to a big university for your dream college course or to further your study by applying for a master’s degree, we can offer you a student loan to assist you with school fees. Our rates are flexible and student-friendly, giving you one less thing to worry about so you can fully focus on learning.

Or maybe, you’re just a few months away from tying the knot. Apply for our loans online and get fast access to wedding loans so you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses on the day itself. With same day cash at your fingertips, you can make your big day even more special.

Rewarding yourself with a much-deserved getaway is something to look forward to as well. Whether you just graduated from college or looking for a few days of relaxation after a hectic week at work, you may apply for travel loans with us. This way, you won’t have to use your savings or wait for your miles to get enough points to finally book your dream destination. Use your same day cash to buy your tickets, reserve accommodation and fly in no time!

The better pay-later solution is here

Meet Freestyle – Australia’s first virtual credit account that provides fast access to up to $10,000. Freestyle is more than just an average line of credit or a credit card. Instead of having another plastic card to squeeze in your wallet, Freestyle is digitally stored inside your phone. Use it to Tap n Pay in-store, shop online and transfer money straight to your bank account, your friends or anyone!

Freestyle is the new go-to payment buddy of Gen Now: you can use the same day cash to purchase items at your favourite store, pay for your music and movie subscriptions, or even when you just want to grab your daily dose of coffee. Powered by Mastercard, Freestyle lets you enjoy perks that no other pay-later credit products can offer. Take it anywhere, use it anywhere – Freestyle it!

Our requirements for a Freestyle account application is similar to our same day loans. You must be currently working in Australia and at least 18 years old to be eligible. Once you’ve been approved, you can take advantage of our interest-free period for same day cash of up to 55 days! This means you can spend more on the things you love and pay no interest at all within a longer period. Sounds cool, right?

Know your ideal rate first

If you haven’t applied for quick cash loans before or if you need more perspective on how much to borrow, using a personal loan repayment calculator may be able to help you out. A loan calculator is a free online tool that provides you with on-the-spot calculations of your expected monthly rates according to your loan amount preference. How it works: just select your desired same day cash loan amount, your preferred repayment period and a quick description of your credit history. All you need are these basic information, and you’ll get your results right then and there!

The good thing about using a personal loan calculator is that you can easily play around with the amount and payment duration until you arrive at a repayment amount and establishment fees that suit you. Although all the numbers you are seeing via the fast calculator are still subject to further assessment and suitability, it’s a great start to know how to adjust your living expenses to give way to your monthly repayments and stay on top of your cash flow.

Important factors we consider

Apart from your personal and employment information, we also take into account other various factors such as your credit history, income, financial commitments and living expenses in order to come up with a fairer, tailored rate.

And since our loan process is completely paperless, we also ask for your online bank statements for fast loans. Through a trusted and secure data portal, we obtain your banking activities for the past 90 days as read-only documents to help us fast track your same day cash application. We use the same security-level encryption that your bank uses, so you are assured that your data is safe and there’s no way anyone at MoneyMe can access your bank details.

These snapshots, along with your personal information, income and existing financial obligations, are all we need to gather to come up with your personalised loan rate.

We see the whole picture

Since 2018, there has been a positive change in the way credit reports are presented in Australia. The Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) allows money lenders to share your credit score and more of your credit information to the credit bureaus who accumulate your data. Citing both the negative and the positive, not only do we see your past defaults, late repayments and credit enquiries for same day cash, but also your efforts and initiatives to boost your credit score. This way, we get to see the whole picture of your credit history and you may be able to positively influence your credit score by simply making repayments on time.

Apply anytime and anywhere

We’ve made applying for personal loans a breeze. Forget about lengthy paperwork. Forget about long queues and waiting times to get a loan outcome. MoneyMe’s digital application process lets you apply for cash loans wherever you are at the time you need them. You can finish your online loan application for a same day cash in no time – it’s all easy and straightforward! Whether you are at the comforts of your home, riding on a bus on your way to work or waiting for your food to be served at your favourite restaurant – you can apply online in minutes using your mobile phone.

Same Day Cash Loans

When it comes to same day cash loans, MoneyMe is committed to bringing you the best service possible. With our 100% online application and instant loan request approval, you won’t ever have to stress about submitting a printed statement or signing mounds of paperwork ever again.

All you have to do to get reliable fast cash loans is download our intuitive mobile phone app, encode the necessary personal information, and then have money sent to your bank account in as fast as one minute. 

With MoneyMe, you can spend on anything you want, whenever you want. Whether the loan is to pay off expensive medical billsholiday shopping expenses, or educational fees, our digital financial service solutions will definitely cater to any of your Generation Now needs. 

Aside from same day cash loans, you can also browse through our other tech-savvy options on our website. At MoneyMe, we provide all sorts of credit products such as student credit cards and a low income credit card

Sign up now to experience how we innovate tomorrow’s world today. Join the MoneyMe family and see what we can do for you before your next payday. 

Where can I get a same day cash loan? 

Whether you are looking for same day loans Hobart or same day loans Perth, MoneyMe has the service you need to purchase what you’ve always wanted. We even give you an opportunity to apply for a loan even if you don't have a pristine credit history.

Fair credit decision

Here at MoneyMe, we are flexible when it comes to your specific financial situation. We understand that it can be a difficult time when you cannot get your loan approved because of your less-than-stellar credit report. That is why we also check a wide range of important aspects to come up with a fair credit decision for you.

When you apply online to borrow funds from us, we will take a look at both the small- and large-scale factors that make up your personal story. Here, we take into account all of your possible income sources, obligations from debts accumulated over the years, and even the living expenses in your rural or urban area.

By doing this, we are able to observe the bigger picture and create a comprehensive assessment. Instead of rejecting your small same day cash loans application right away, we take the time to genuinely understand you as a client and consumer. 

Apply for a MoneyMe account today and be given the opportunity to access same day cash loans you can afford to repay. Download our mobile phone app to experience not only flexibility, but the added benefit of low-interest rates as well.

How to get a cash loan in the same day?

For traditional financial institutions and cash lenders, it can be quite difficult to get an online loan – let alone a same day approval. However, MoneyMe understands the needs of Generation Now and has created a cash advance service that is both reliable and fast. 

At MoneyMe, we are passionate about providing solutions to life’s modern-day financial challenges. That is why through our paperless process for quick loans, we have made it easier for those who are in a pinch or those who just want to capitalise on that limited time offer at their favourite store. 


To be able to get a cash loan on the same day, you must first be eligible for our 100% online service. With this, you would have to be at least 18 years old, a resident in Australia, and a working individual with a steady source of income. If you have all these qualifications, then you can certainly apply for an instant cash loan from MoneyMe. 

Three-step process

If you are eligible to make a MoneyMe loan request, be guided by these three simple steps to have money transferred to your bank account:

First, start by downloading our mobile phone app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Keep in mind that this app is important as MoneyMe is a service that exclusively operates online. You may also visit our website.

Next, create an account and input the necessary information so that our expert team can analyse your situation. 

Lastly, double-check all the details, confirm your same day cash loans request, and have us approve it within minutes from submission. 

Follow these three straightforward steps to a tee and you’ll receive low interest same day loans in no time!

How to get cash loan same day?

Look no further than MoneyMe for same day cash loans as we pride ourselves on security, speed, and transparency. Simply follow these directions to safely and swiftly borrow funds with no hidden fees or fine print. 

To begin the loan request process, download our app on your smartphone or click on ‘Apply Now’ on our website. 

Afterwards, create an account so that you can gain easy access to future loans and details about your repayments. 

Once that has been set, input the basic details such as your reason for borrowing, preferred amount, and term of the loan. 

Lastly, submit the same day cash loans request, wait for our team to examine your information, and then sit back while the borrowed funds appear in your account in a matter of seconds (depending on your bank). 

Still having second thoughts about our offers at MoneyMe? Don’t fret, we have full confidence in our service, so much so that we’ll provide you with a free loan repayment calculator before you even apply for a loan. We will let the numerical figures speak for us. 

Utilise all our tools at your disposal and apply for same day cash loans no matter the time of day. Try our MoneyMe services out – we’re sure you won’t look back once you’ve started!

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Same Day Cash Loans

Get cash today- fast and simple application with no paperwork

There are times in life when quick access to a little more cash can come in handy- like for that purchase you just can’t wait for or to secure a great deal. Or, perhaps you have an unexpected expense and don’t want to compromise your lifestyle. With MoneyMe, a same day cash loan could be yours for any amount ranging from $5,000 up to $50,000.

With our fast, online approval you could be set up with a cash loan today; then repay it within your normal pay cycle. There are no hidden costs.

And if you need another loan, you’re able to apply for a new one as soon as your current loan is paid off.

Quick online application

Applying online is simple and secure. Because you don’t need to provide us with paperwork like bank statements or payslips, we can get back to you about your loan approval so much faster.

To be eligible to apply you must be working in Australia and 18 years or older. Just so you know, we truly believe in responsible lending– we won’t lend you more money than we feel you’re comfortably able to repay.

You’ll get a same-day response

Once you’ve applied we’ll get back to you quickly - your money could be in your bank account on the same day, depending on your bank. However, be mindful that it generally takes a little longer to approve your application if it’s lodged outside of business hours.

Get started now with your a-few-minutes same-day loan application.

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